SEMA, DAY THREE: Prema invades the U.S.!

Nov. 2, 2005

After a full year distributing in the Canadian market, Prema Products Inc. is ready to distribute its tire repair products in the United States.

Prema has signed an agreement with Ascot Supply Corp. giving the Newnan, Ga.-based company exclusive rights to distribute its tire repair materials in the U.S.

The Prematack Tire Repair System combines a soft, high-tack bonding gum with fast-drying cement. Prema has "improved on the stickiness" of the gum compared to other repairs, according to Prema Vice President Dan Hunstiger. The repairs can be used in both precure and mold cure retreading processes.

Prema offers radial and bias repairs for passenger, light truck, truck, agriculture and OTR tires. "We've got anything anybody wants," says Hunstiger.

The company also is opening up exclusive markets all over the world, says Humberto Karem, export sales manager. Prema has two major distribution centers: Covington, Ga., and Germany. (In Canada, Prema distributes through Prema Canada ULC.)

Ascot Supply President Jerry Robinette says the Prema line fills a void in its tire repair offerings (Ascot also offers Rema, Western States and 31 Inc. tire repair materials). "It's not eroding our other lines. We didn't have the (soft) process that Prema uses."

The Prema line is priced between Ascot's value and top-of-the line products, adds Robinette.