Detroit Auto Show: EnTire Solutions will supply tire pressure monitoring systems to Honda and Fiat

Jan. 6, 2004

EnTire Solutions LLC, the 50/50 joint venture between Groupe Michelin and TRW Automotive, announced at the Detroit Auto Show today that it will supply its direct tire pressure monitoring systems to both Honda Motor Co. Ltd. and Fiat SpA.

The joint venture is supplying one of its tire pressure monitoring systems for the 2004 Acura MDX luxury sport utility vehicle. An advanced system also has been selected by Fiat for a range of its upcoming European models.

"We expect fitments to new vehicles to continue to grow," says EnTire Solutions CEO Rich Wolfe. "This growth should be accelerated by the availability of new technology that will increase (tire pressure monitoring) capability while maintaining or reducing costs."

EnTire Solutions also is supplying systems for several Hyundai and Kia platforms, and sensors for a range of General Motor Corp. trucks and sport utility vehicles.

EnTire Solutions is the name of the joint venture's direct tire pressure monitoring system. It employs a battery-powered pressure sensor mounted on the valve stem inside the wheel.

The sensor communicates tire pressure and temperature information to a vehicle-mounted receiver via a radio signal. The company says when fully implemented, the EnTire Solutions system "almost totally eliminates false alarms which are a significant source of consumer dissatisfaction and OEM cost."