Michelin introduces winter tires

Feb. 12, 2004

Michelin North America Inc. has introduced Michelin X-Ice and Michelin Latitude X-Ice winter tires for passenger cars and vans, light trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Authorized Michelin dealers in the United States will begin taking deliveries in July of the Michelin X-Ice in 39 sizes for passenger cars and the Michelin Latitude X-Ice in 10 additional sizes for light trucks and SUVs.

The Michelin X-Ice tire will be available in sizes from 13- to 17-inches, while Latitude X-Ice sizes range from 15- to 16-inches.

“Michelin X-Ice and Latitude X-Ice tires are manufactured with our latest generation rubber compound and siping technologies,” says Sheryl Henderson, Michelin brand director.

Adaptive Progressive Stiffness (APS) rubber technology helps improves traction by providing flexibility where the tread surface comes into contact with the road. The technology allows the rubber compound to progressively soften at the road’s surface, while remaining rigid near the tire belt, thus providing intense grip and optimum handling on winter roads.

The tread remains soft as the tire continues to wear, allowing for long-lasting ice and snow traction, says the company. The tread compound features Michelin’s most advanced silica-

generation rubber, further adding to the Michelin X-Ice tire’s ice and snow grip. Advanced silica generation rubber also offers enhanced performance on wet surfaces and long tread life.

The patented tread pattern of the Michelin X-Ice is designed to meet the varied needs of winter drivers across the United States. Tread technology benefits include:

* a dense pattern of cross directional z-shaped sipes engineered for optimum braking and traction capabilities while maintaining handling;

* longitudinal zig zag grooves for deep-snow traction;

* a square contact patch for extra traction and control on ice and hard-packed snow;

* Michelin’s new evolution Stress Equilibrium Casing for extended and even wear; and

* a directional and V-shape tread pattern for hydroplaning resistance.