RMA, Mexico plan to work on scrap tire management plan

Feb. 27, 2004

The Rubber Manufacturers Association will meet with Mexican government representatives next week in Washington, D.C., to discuss the development of a comprehensive scrap tire management plan for Mexico.

"We are excited at the opportunity to assist in the planning and development of a program that can have a profound impact on the scrap tire situation in Mexico," says Michael Blumenthal, RMA senior technical director.

Blumenthal will meet with Mexican officials at the Mexican Embassy on March 4. "The Mexican government fully understands the breath and scope of the scrap tire situation and is proceeding in a thorough manner to explore all potential solutions."

There are no national or state scrap tire programs in Mexico. According to the RMA, viable, large-scale markets are few and no infrastructure to support any market-based program is available.

However, the RMA adds that Mexico has a strong industrial base upon which to build the needed infrastructure, and several industries interested in using tires as a resource.

In another effort to assist in the development of a scrap tire management plan in Mexico, RMA will present information on using tires as a fuel at the Boiler & Industrial Furnace (BIF) Conference in San Antonio this May.

Among the presentations, the BIF Conference will share information on the state of the alternative fuels markets in Mexico. There also will be presentations on Mexico's combustion industry.