Up-selling as easy as one-two-three, says Walker

March 19, 2004

Tenneco Automotive has designed marketing and merchandising tools to help vehicle service providers recapture lost margins by selling premium exhaust components.

"Many shop professionals aren't comfortable communicating the value of a premium product because they don't have the merchandising materials to back them up," said Terry Heffelfinger, director of marketing-exhaust for Tenneco Automotive.

The company is going to solve that problem with a wide range of point-of-purchase materials that demonstrate the benefits of the company's premium Quiet-Flow 3 replacement muffler with its new internal CF Technology coating that enhances resistance to rust-through.

"With these high-impact selling tools, the up-sell is literally a simple one-two-three process," Heffelfinger said.

"Selling up a customer to premium is a fast, easy process when you can demonstrate tangible benefits like O.E.-type sound characteristics, exceptional fit and extended service life."

For more information on the company's sales and merchandising tools, visit the company's Web site, www.walkerexhaust.com.