Cooper introduces Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus

April 14, 2004

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.'s new Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus is designed for sport truck, light truck and SUV driving enthusiasts.

The S-rated all-weather tire, part of the Courser HTR family, is available in 11 18- and 20-inch sizes. Its characteristics include the following, according to the company:

* a tapered tread design that features "see-through" grooves and wide lateral traction slots.

* a rounded mold profile, which adds to handling and traction capabilities in wet conditions.

* long tread life.

"The Courser HTR Plus is a real light truck tire, not a passenger tire for large diameter wheels like a lot of the original equipment fitments," says Carl Casalbore, vice president of retail sales and high performance tire development.

"The vehicles for which the HTR Plus was designed are not necessarily light weight vehicles, and often they are used to tow or carry a load. The owners of Dodge Rams or Ford Harley Davidson trucks, for instance, view their vehicles as trucks, not cars. We made a tire for that consumer."