Our redesigned Web site includes a link to www.mtdexchange.com

July 20, 2004

As you can see, our redesigned Web site is up and running. The new look still focuses on breaking news and relavant feature stories, but we think it is more user-friendly. And it´s still free.

It also highlights our new www.mtdexchange directory (more on that later).

Our Web site, which can be reached by using either www.mtdealer.com or www.moderntiredealer.com, features the following:

* improved navigation and archive access;

* more clearly defined drop-down menus;

* a new on-line classified system, which includes an upgraded "careers and jobs" segment.

The new graphics, particularly the colors, help the news items "pop" off the page, making them easier to read and notice.

Now to our new on-line directory, MTD Exchange, at www.mtdexchange.com (note the logo link for MTD Exchange on this home page). It´s a quick way to search for suppliers when you need a product. Tires, wheels, tire service equipment, retreading materials, truck bed products, you name it, we have it categorized in the directory.

Services such as advertising and marketing programs, tire disposal, trade show representation, importing and exporting also are listed. All you have to do is click and pick based on the category. There´s even a category for on-line assistance.

The site also has an alphabetical search tool to use if you want to find a specific company but only remember the first name or first letter. Almost everything on www.mtdexchange.com is cross-referenced.

The directory also is designed so that local, regional or nationwide tire industry suppliers can go in and update their listings when changes in product information and company contacts occur.

Mtdexchange.com also is interactive, with appropriate e-mail addresses sending your questions directly to the right person instead of a general mailbox.

So, what do you think? If you have any thoughts, pro or con, about either our redesigned mtdealer.com Web site or our new mtdexchange.com directory Web site, please let us know by contacting Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich by e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone (330-867-4401, x11).