Truck lube chain adds tires and retreads

Aug. 6, 2004

Speedco Inc., a 32-store chain of truck lube outlets, will begin selling Goodyear, Michelin and Yokohama tires and Bandag retreads.

The Cayuga, Ind.-based operation plans to phase in tire and retread sales over the next two years. Its outlets in Atlanta, Ga., and Amarillo and El Paso, Texas, already are offering the new service.

"We are taking the Speedco way of consistent and efficient service and expanding it to tires," says Mark Clark, CEO and president.

The Goodyear, Michelin and Yokohama truck tires will be supplied by commercial tire dealers in close proximity to Speedco´s on-highway stores, according to the company. Bandag retreads will be supplied by Bandag dealers.

Popular tire sizes and tread designs will be offered, added Speedco. That includes Goodyear´s new G395 LHS steer-position tire.

The company´s tire services include tire inspection, replacement and repair and wheel balancing. Service packages include a comprehensive examination of the following:

* the tires on a vehicle, including tread depth.

* air pressure.

* proper torquing of wheel fasteners.

"We are complementing our lube services with quality tire service and premium tire brands because we know that tire maintenance is a key part of a sound preventive maintenance program," says Clark.

Speedco also offers filter changes (oil, fuel, coolant, air), refrigeration unit service (oil and filters), fifth wheel and wheel hub service, transmission and differential fluid changes, and anti-freeze/coolant top-off and testing.