Survey reveals alarming data about motorists

Sept. 8, 2004

Nine out of 10 respondents to a recent survey conducted by the National Safety Council (NCS) and Castrol GTX motor oil do not perform the appropriate safety checks before starting their cars.

Other results reveal:

* less than 20% of drivers who use cell phones turn them off before driving;

* one out of three respondents believe it is acceptable to drive more than five miles over the speed limit;

* three out of 10 respondents do not adjust their mirrors before driving trips that take two hours or less;

* 34% of respondents regularly secure loose objects in their vehicles;

* three out of four respondents claim to always check to see if their check engine light is on.

"For so long, safe driving discussions have centered on safety while driving that Americans have almost forgotten to take proper safety precautions before starting their cars," says Chuck Hurley, NCS transportation safety group vice president.

"Correct behaviors conducted before starting the car can help combat two of the leading causes of serious car crashes: seatbelt use and incorrecty inflated or unevenly worn tires," say NCS officials.