SEMA, DAY FOUR: Custom wheel roll-outs continue

Nov. 5, 2004

A variety of wheel companies have unveiled new rims at the 2004 SEMA Show, which ends today.

Ultra has several new products. They include the 185 Baja Champ SUV wheel; the 215 Shield passenger wheel; the Platinum 240 Retro; the Focal 177 R7; and the Platinum 218 Octvao.

Capital Original Wheels has rolled out the ES330 17-inch wheel and a Dodge Magnum wheel, both in chrome.

Player Wire Wheels has unveiled a "double spinner" wheel for passenger and SUV applications, says Dave Henley, Player Wire Wheels sales manager. It is offered in a 20-inch configuration. Also new from Player is a 22-inch front wheel drive wheel, the 818.

Konig is making its first foray into the light truck/SUV wheel market with three models: the Coastal (20 and 21 inches); the No Road (18 and 20 inches); and the Openroad (20 and 22 inches).

Enkei International´s new Evo 5 comes in 17 and 18 inches and is available with a hyper black or bronze finish. Enkei´s Evo 6 comes in 17 and 18-inch versions. Enkei also has rolled out three new rims for luxury car applications: the LX-65, the LX-F and the LX-5.

Giovanna has introduced its first ever off-road wheel, the T5. The one-piece forged unit is available in 20 and 22 inches with a chrome or polished finish. "A lot of people are doing lifted trucks with up-sized wheels," says Giovanna spokesman Fernando Guzman.

Lexani is offering the Firestar SUV wheel, ranging from 18 to 24 inches in diameter. It comes in a chrome finish with "gold cap options," says a Lexani spokesman. Lexani also has unveiled the latest in its Avanti line, a luxury wheel that sports cubic zirconium on its face. It is expected to retail for a whopping $250,000 a set.