Zurich launches Global Industry Specialization Program

March 6, 2008

The Zurich Financial Services Group has launched its Global Industry Specialization Program to better serve its customers.

The group program was designed to help the company do two things:

* better leverage its existing knowledge base and expertise in general insurance; and

* further expand its risk insights into specific industry sectors.

"The program aims at improving the way Zurich serves customers and distributors by developing differentiated customer propositions and offering tailored risk management solutions, as well as a Zurich point of view on how an individual industry is dealing with its risks," says the company.

As part of the program, Zurich has created a global industry framework of three sectors: automotive, construction and real estate. Joerg Waelder has been named the global industry leader for the automotive industry. Zurich plans to add other sectors over time.

"Our Global Industry Specialization Program is a further example of how Zurich's operational transformation efforts will position us as more customer focused and as an even better problem-solver for our customers in specific industry sectors," says John Amore, CEO of Zurich's General Insurance segment.

"Providing customers with the value of Zurich's risk insights and understanding of the industry sectors we do business in will enable Zurich to retain existing customers and expand into further attractive markets for continued profitable growth."

The program is an integral part of Zurich's "Customer and Distribution Management Strategy," which is focused on efforts to make Zurich a more customer-centric organization while leveraging its many distribution channels.

For more information, visit www.zurich.com.