Vogue Tyre opens 25th Vogue Custom Center

March 26, 2008

Vogue Tyre & Rubber Co. has opened a new Vogue Custom Center inside a Chevrolet dealership in Los Angeles, Calif. Vogue now has 25 Custom Centers throughout the United States.

The facilities are designed "to provide new car buyers direct access to... (Vogue) accessories, wheels and tires," say Vogue officials..

"We have seen a very strong spike in interest among new car dealers as they look for an edge in an ever increasing competitive market," says Vogue President Greg Hathcock. "The ability to add accessories, wheels and tires with low upfront cost is something that dealerships across the country are interested in."

"Having the ability to purchase a new vehicle and customize it in the same location is something that our customers appreciate," says John Cowan, general manager of the dealership, Felix Chevrolet.