Trelleborg introduces Agroforest T410 and relaunches TD27

March 30, 2008

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas Inc. recently launched the new Agroforest line, designed for both the agriculture and forestry industries.

The new Agroforest T410 "guarantees" users minimum impact and less damage, according to the company. In addition, the tire is engineered for good grip and traction in tough terrain.

The tire's shoulder design and "a larger lug contact area compared to an ordinary tractor tire pattern" give the tire high levels of stability during heavy service.

The T410 is available in 10 sizes:

* 320/85-24TT 127A8,

* 380/85-24TT 137A8,

* 380/85-28TT 139A8,

* 420/85-28TT 144A8,

* 420/85-30TT 145A8,

* 460/85-30TT 150A8,

* 420/85-34TT 147A8,

* 420/85-38TT 149A8,

* 460/85-34TT 152A8 and

* 460/85-38TT 154A8.

An eleventh size, 520/85-38TT 160A8, will be available soon.

In addition, Trelleborg has relaunched its TD27 tire, formerly sold under the Pirelli name. (Trelleborg, which has manufactured and marketed Pirelli radial farm tires since 1999, is transitioning away from the agreement, which will end after 2009.)

The rebranded Trelleborg TD27 radial features "maximum usage... both in field and road operations," says the company. It has been relaunched in three sizes.