Pit Bull debuts new tire sizes

May 9, 2008

Pit Bull Tire Co. has released new sizes for its Growler, Maddog and Rocker tire lines and previewed coming attractions.

Available now is the Polyester Growler in size 31x1150-15LT/C and the Growler in size 32x1150-16LT/C.

New Maddog sizes include 39x1450-15LT/C, 39x1450-16.5LT/D, 39x1450-17LT/D and 39x1450-20LT/D.

Sizes 42x15.0-15LT/C and 44X1950-16.5LT/C have been added to the Rocker line.

Coming soon will be size 39x1450-16LT/D for the Maddog line, sizes 42X15.0-16LT/C, 42X15.0-16.5LT/C, 42X15.0-17LT/C, 42X15.0-20LT/D, 44X1950-15LT/C, 44X1950-16LT/C, 44X1950-17LT/C and 44X1950-20LT/D for the Rocker line, and sizes 47X21.0-16LT/C, 47X21.0-16.5LT/C, 47X21.0-17LT/C and 47X21.0-20LT/D for the Growler line.