CMA rolls out regional medium truck tire

June 25, 2008

China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) has added the RLB490 low-profile regional drive tire to its line of Double Coin medium truck tires.

"The RLB490 takes the core specifications of (CMA's) RLB900 and upgrades (them) for enhanced performance and durability," say CMA officials.

Features include large grooves and sipes in the tread area for higher traction, wide shoulders to deliver even footprint pressure, special tread compounds to fight scrub wear and others.

The RLB490 is currently available in five sizes: 225/70R19.5/12, 245/70R19.5/16, 265/70R19.5/16, 255/70R22.5/16 and 275/70R22.5/16.