PurigeN98 nitrogen tire inflation system gets Best Buy endorsement

Oct. 18, 2008

The PurigeN98 high-purity nitrogen tire inflation system soon will be offered at more than 30 Best Buy stores in Fargo, N.D., Las Vegas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Mexico.

"With Best Buy on board, 'blue' will definitely become the new 'green,' as its customers sport PurigeN98's blue tire caps and begin lessening their carbon imprint on Mother Earth by reducing fuel emissions and saving rubber trees from being harvested," says Robin Pearl, president of N2Revolution Inc.

Already available at select Best Buy Geek Squad auto bays, the high-purity nitrogen in PurigeN98 helps keep tires properly inflated longer than those filled with regular air. Drivers can convert their car or truck tires to PurigeN98 for approximately $40 at the select Best Buy stores.

Motorists also are eligible to receive a PurigeN98 Roadside Assistance Plan with their purchase at Best Buy.

To visit Best Buy and dealer locations that use PurigeN98, visit www.purigen98.com.