Hennessy offers new Coats heavy-duty tire changers

Nov. 10, 2008

Hennessy Industries Inc. is introducing a new line of Coats Heavy-Duty (CHD) Series tire changers -- the Coats CHD-9551, CHD-9043, CHD-9041, CHD-6330 and CHD-4730 models.

Each of these Euro-style heavy-duty tire changers is a more automated product than previous Coats models, the company says, and comes with a wide range of accessories to offer customers increased ease of use and efficiency.

The CHD-9551 tire changer is the top-of-the-line changer offered by Coats and is designed for high-volume shops. It offers users the most automated features and widest range of fittings in the CHD line. This model can handle super-single, skidder, agricultural and off-road tires. An optional wireless remote gives technicians the freedom to move around the machine without bulky cables.

Designed for busy shops servicing a large range of fitments, the Coats CHD-9043 tire changer is geared for a variety of applications and large wheel fitments. A remote-controlled, hydraulically operated tool arm conserves effort and increases tire-changing turnaround time, while its solid, single-piece frame allows for increased capacity and durability.

The Coats CHD-9041 tire changer is for moderate- to high-volume shops and fleets with varying fitments. Its extended capacity four-jaw chuck allows for use on a large range of applications and works seamlessly with its open frame design for easy wheel movement, says the company.

Designed for shops with increasing volume and the need for easy-to-use equipment, the Coats CHD-6330 tire changer is a compact, jaw-style clamping machine. Its floating jaws match wheel contours for optimum grip and safety, and the four-jaw chuck allows for fast and easy clamping of all rim styles including de-mountable, reverse and standard disc, and off-road style wheels.

The Coats CHD-4730 tire changer is geared toward smaller fleets and tire shops. Its compact design works well in tight areas, while its swing-arm mounted controls are "right where you need them," the company reports. The manual hub nut and cone style mounting is simple and fast to use, "making it a great option as a second machine in busy shops."

Each new CHD model offers a full array of standard and optional accessories, depending on the model. In addition to the five new models, Coats will continue to offer the HIT series of heavy-duty tire changers, giving users a total choice of eight different Coats heavy-duty tire changers.