Georgia legislature proposes far-reaching tire bill

Feb. 18, 2001

The Georgia House of Representatives is reviewing HB 377, a bill designed to force tire manufacturers to disclose national tire adjustment rates.

Sponsored by Rep. Tyrone Brooks, the bill would:

* Provide for disclosure of adjustment rates for tires.

* Provide for definitions and notice to consumers that adjustment rates are available for inspection.

* Prohibit the sale of tires where adjustment rates are not published.

According to the proposed legislation, no tires could be sold to any consumer “at any retail location in this state where national adjustment rates are not published and available for inspection as set forth in subsection (b) of this Code section."

The disclosure bill defines “adjusted tire” as a tire “returned to a retailer or seller, distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer by the buyer or user of said tire because of defects in workmanship or materials or because of any other reason for which the buyer or user of said tire receives a free replacement tire or a credit in whole or in part towards the purchase price of a new replacement tire.”

Manufacturers would be required to reveal national adjustment rates for tires, defined as “the percentage rate of tires taken back by a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or seller as adjusted tires in relation to the total number of manufactured tires which are the same or similar in design and manufacture to the adjusted tire.”