Bridgestone/Firestone voluntarily recalls Firehawks

Feb. 20, 2001

Bridgestone/Firestone (BFS) Inc. announced it will voluntarily recall some 98,500 P205/55R16 Firehawk GTA-02 tires. The majority of the tires were fitted as original equipment on the 2000 and 2001 model Nissan Altima SE.

"Our 'early warning system' and close partnership with Nissan allowed us to quickly identify the issue and make the decision to recall these tires," said John Lampe, CEO, chairman and president of BFS. "Although there have been no claims or accidents related to the affected tires, we decided to initiate this recall in the interest of customer satisfaction and an abundance of caution."

BFS said current adjustment data indicates the tires, for the most part, were performing well. But a trend analysis "seems to show that the tires may exhibit increased adjustment rates in the future."

The analysis found that the original belt width specification "created too narrow a distance between the steel-belt edge inside the tire and the surface of the tire. As a result, a crack could develop at the bottom of the circumferential shoulder groove and progress to the edge of the steel belt and, in extreme cases, eventually expose it."

A driver of a vehicle "with an extreme case of cracking might experience uneven wear, a vibration or a slow leakage of air from the affected tire, but would be able to safely stop the vehicle."

On the company's Web site,, recall information is posted accompanied by two photos consumers can access to get a clear look at the sidewall of the tires affected by the recall.