Goodyear introduces starch-based filler material

Feb. 28, 2001

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. introduced its evolutionary GT3 tire technology at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland today. The tire features a starch-based filler material that partially replaces carbon black and silica.

The environmental advantages of BioTRED are three-fold, according to the company: lower rolling resistance, which results in less fuel consumption; lower carbon dioxide emissions; and less energy consumption in the production processes.

"Moreover, BioTRED uses renewable compounds vs. non-renewable sources," says Filomeno Corvasce, the Goodyear engineer who developed the compound. "The starch used in the production of BioTRED is derived from corn, in a process similar to the one used in food industries."

The new filler has lower specific gravity as well, which further improves the fuel economy of the tire by reducing tire weight and rolling inertia.

GT3 will be original equipment on Ford Motor Co.'s new fuel-efficient version of the Fiesta. The tire initially will be available in Europe in 17 sizes for compact to medium-sized vehicles. The tire size range is from 155/70R13 to 195/65R15.