New project targets unlicensed scrap tire haulers

April 20, 2001

The Scrap Tire Management Council (STMC) has begun a project designed to list approved scrap tire haulers on the Rubber Manufacturers Association Web site.

State agencies have been asked to send their lists of licensed/permitted scrap tire transporters to STMC. States also may include lists of transporters that have allowed their permits or licenses to expire.

Unlicensed or unpermitted haulers are one of the major causes of improper tire dumping and stockpiling, says Michael Blumenthal, STMC executive director. "They entice retail vendors with relatively low disposal costs to have their tires removed."

Dealers using unapproved haulers may end up being blamed by authorities for illegal dumping, and could be financially responsible for the disposal of the tires, he adds.

The project is a direct result of discussion between the STMC and the Southeast Scrap Tire Regulators Group.