TBC launches private brands unit, names Dick president

July 3, 2001

TBC Corp., the nation's largest private brand tire marketer, has created a new Private Brands Division that will be quarterbacked by company veteran Ken Dick.

TBC's Private Brands Division will handle the marketing and sales of the company's Multi-Mile, Sigma, Cordovan and Vanderbilt/Turbo Tech private label lines. It also will be responsible for Fulda and Sonar, which TBC exclusively distributes throughout North America.

"The Private Brands Division joins TBC's subsidiaries Big O Tires, Carroll Tire and Tire Kingdom in having its own president and distinct marketing and operating presence within the company," say TBC officials.

Dick, the unit's president, has been with TBC for 30 years and most recently served as its executive vice president of sales.

TBC enjoys 7.5% of the domestic passenger tire private brand market, according to Modern Tire Dealer statistics.