Titan's Taylor on Des Moines strike issue: "Everything from our side has been hashed out."

Sept. 20, 2001

The outstanding issue keeping Steelworkers from ratifying a labor agreement that would effectively end their three-year-long strike at Titan Tire Corp.'s Des Moines, Iowa, plant is "an internal thing," according to Titan President and CEO Morry Taylor.

Earlier today, United Steelworkers of America (USWA) Local 164 President John Peno told Modern Tire Dealer that union officials and Titan management still differed on the issue of spousal benefits for retirees.

Taylor says it already has been worked out.

"They're trying to explain this to their members. The problem they have has nothing to do with us."

Local 164 members hope to hold a ratification vote next Wednesday.

If they ratify, "then the following Monday, notices will go out," Taylor says.

"Under the terms, we bring back certain people first, like maintenance (personnel). But nobody knows who's coming back," he notes, due to physical examinations called-back workers must pass before resuming active duty and other factors.