SURE to fill vacant executive director spot "in very near future," reveals other plans

Oct. 2, 2001

SURE Tire Inc. is narrowing its search for an executive director to replace John O' Rourke, who left the private brand marketer last February, according to SURE Tire President Steve Disney.

"In the meantime, we haven't lost any ground operating without one," Disney says.

"SURE is basically a one-year company. A lot of our time (earlier this year) was spent bringing Summit and Remington distributors together...once we got that in hand, the next step was to focus on our products."

SURE has introduced or enhanced seven lines during 2001.

Under the Remington label, it unveiled the Emrald LX passenger touring tire, the Himax Premium P-metric tire and the Rimfire AT light truck line, plus added 10 new 65- and 75-series sizes to its Maxxum II passenger line and 14 new blackwall sizes to its 65,000-mile Endeavor broad-line product.

Under the Summit label, SURE introduced a 65,000-mile broad-line passenger product, the Premium Plus II, which comes in 30 sizes. And it will begin shipping its new Trail Climber SLT light truck touring tire aimed at SUVs later this month; the Trail Climber comes in 10 sizes.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. makes the majority of the Remington and Summit lines, according to Disney.

The next step in SURE's plan is to sign additional distributors in available territories, he says.