Goodyear finishes consumer replacement realignment

Dec. 12, 2001

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has made several appointments to augment its consumer replacement tire business.

They include:

* Eric Brown, general manager, wholesale distribution (G3 Xpress) channel;

* Nelson Waynesboro, general manager, consumer market development;

* Rich Slutter, manager, sales and operations, field sales.

Brown, Waynesboro and Slutter report to Mike Abney, director of field sales.

Tom Gravalos, formerly general manager, mass retailer channel, has been named director of corporate accounts. Appointees reporting to him include:

* Rich Gibbons, general manager, wholesale distribution (custom brands);

* Steve True, general manager, consumer national accounts and export sales;

Barry Petrea continues as general manager, governmental sales channel.

Two new positions have been created to implement consumer tire "initiatives," say Goodyear officials -- including the "agressive expansion of the Dunlop brand and a goal of capitalizing on emerging niche opportunities." They are:

* Derek Jenner, director, Dunlop brand sales. He will direct North American Dunlop sales growth in the field sales and corporate accounts categories;

* Brandon Stotsenburg, general marketing manager, niche marketing. Stotsenburg will oversee national sales, markting development and brand management duties "within approved niche marketing initiatives."