TBC unveils new tires

Jan. 14, 2002

TBC Corp. has introduced a new P-metric SUV tire, a light truck tire and two performance tires.

The P-metric SUV tire "is designed for the soccer mom, the suburbanite," according to a TBC spokesman, and is a first for the Memphis, Tenn.-based private brand marketer.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.-produced tire will debut at the end of the first quarter or at the start of the second quarter under the following names: Multi-Mile Wild Country Touring SUV, Cordovan Wild Trac Touring SUV, Sigma Stampede Radial SUV and Vanderbilt/Turbo Tech Sport SUV.

The Multi-Mile Wild Country Touring SUV will roll out first.

TBC also has unveiled a "standard light truck line" that will appear under the Multi-Mile, Cordovan, Sigma and Vanderbilt/Turbo Tech banners; it may take up to one year for all of them to become available, say TBC officials.

The company's new SUV and LT tires replace its LT All-Position offering.

In addition, TBC has released a new white letter, T-rated performance tire in the Cordovan line, plus a new T-rated performance tire in the Multi-Mile line.

All of the above tires debuted at TBC's dealer meeting in Palm Springs, Calif., last week.

TBC is the largest private brand tire marketer in the United States, according to Modern Tire Dealer data.