Goodyear introduces Wrangler F1

June 20, 2002

The Wrangler F1 is Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s newest light truck/SUV tire.

The tire is H-, V- and Z-speed rated and comes in the following 16- through 22-inch sizes: 255/55R16, 225/55R17, 235/65R17, 255/50R17, 275/55R17, 285/60R17, 265/60R18, 295/40zR20 and 285/30ZR20.

It is available through Goodyear's Wrangler Express distribution system.

"If a Goodyear retailer's Wrangler F1 line is out of stock, the outlet can use the system to retrieve tires within two business days," say Goodyear officials.