Cooper creates free B2B Web site

Aug. 20, 2002

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has created a free business-to-business Internet site, CooperWorld.Net.

The site offers customers the opportunity to conduct such business activities as:

* placing orders for tires, tubes and other products.

* checking order status.

* viewing and printing invoices.

* checking advertising order status.

* viewing product information.

New features to the site will be added regularly. Customers are invited to suggest new ways to make doing business with Cooper even more efficient.

"CooperWorld.Net uses encryption and secure portal technology to protect the integrity of the site and give customers the utmost in security," says George Lance, Cooper's special projects manager.

"With the portal, participants are given a user name and password allowing for a one-on-one experience every time the site is accessed. Only individual customers will have access to their information -- most any time of day, any day of the week."

Fifteen pilot customers have been using CooperWorld.Net for the past seven months. "Cooper World.Net has been a great help at Speck Sales," says Terry Speck, owner of the Bowling Green, Ohio-based dealership.

"It's a quick and reliable way to see the availability of products, makes it easy to see the status of a back order, helps us find missing invoices and makes it possible to find out more information about deliveries.

"But perhaps the best quality of using the net is that it can be used any time at our convenience. Using Cooper on the net has made our business run much smoother."

"(CooperWorld.Net) helps me obtain much more information in even less time," says Bill Mozgawa of Moore's Tire in Owego, N.Y. "It's easy to look up invoices, backorders, advertising credits, etc. And I can do it before, during or after business hours!"

Cooper customers can sign on to CooperWorld.Net immediately by contacting their respective sales managers or by calling the company's toll-free customer service line.