Goodyear's August domestic shipments performed below industry levels

Sept. 17, 2002

Domestic tire shipments from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. failed to keep pace with the industry in August.

At the retail level, while industry shipments were down 8% compared to August 2001, Goodyear's comparative shipments experienced an even greater drop.

Goodyear's replacement commercial tire shipments were up compared to the same period last year. However, the increase was less than industry shipments, which were up 18%.

Goodyear said its shipments to its large wholesalers continued to improve in August.

"Shipments of the Goodyear brand, excluding the tires shipped last year as part of the Ford replacement program, increased

compared with August 2001," said the company. However, shipments of custom brand tires "declined significantly" from August 2001 levels.

At the original equipment level, Goodyear's shipments also suffered compared to industry levels, which were up 3% for consumer tires and 23% for commercial tires. Its passenger shipments were down vs. a year ago, while its commercial shipments were up less than 23%.

Overseas, Goodyear fared only slightly better.

* In Western Europe, industry replacement tire shipments in August were down 1%, as were Goodyear's. The industry's commercial tire shipments were down 6%; Goodyear's commercial tire shipments were down even more.

At OE, both the industry and Goodyear reported fewer shipments compared to August 2001. However, Goodyear's declines were less than the industry's.

* In Eastern Europe, consumer replacement tire unit sales for Goodyear were up significantly compared with August of last year. Volume gains were reported in most countries, especially Russia and South Africa.

OE tire unit sales for Goodyear were down significantly from August of last year "due to longer summer shutdowns by auto and truck manufacturers," according to the company.

* In Latin America, Goodyear's replacement tire shipments were up from last year, "primarily

due to higher consumer sales in Mexico and Venezuela and strong commercial sales in Brazil."

OE shipments were down significantly from last year. Goodyear blamed the drop on the decrease in auto production in Mexico and Brazil.

* In Asia, Goodyear's replacement tire shipments increased throughout the region in

August, while its OE tire shipments declined from 2001 levels.