Yokohama introduces winter tires at ITE

Nov. 6, 2002

Yokohama Tire Corp. took advantage of the International Tire Expo (ITE) to introduce attendees to its new winter tire lineup.

"It's often confusing for consumers to choose the best winter tire for the conditions they drive in," says Art Michalik, Yokohama's director of marketing communications. To that end, three new tires are available.

* AVS Winter. The first winter tire to be part of the company's ultra-high performance AVS tire line, AVS Winter has strong dry-road capabilities with an asymmetrical winter tread.

Three circumferential grooves help provide lateral traction for snow and drainage in wet conditions. Snow edges located in the center of the tread add to the tire's snow traction.

The AVS Winter tire is available in 15- through 18-inch sizes.

* Ice Guard IG10. The tire "is designed to provide ultimate grip, even on wet ice," according to the company. Micro-carbon cells within the tire tread's rubber compound "work like straws drawing water into the compound and then releasing it to enhance contact with the road surface."

Pyramid sipes help control block stiffness, while multiple diagonal grooves on the tread's surface give the tire extra biting edges.

The Yokohama Ice Guard IG10 is available in 14- through 17-inch, Q-rated sizes.

* Ice Guard 721. The tire combines "Shelled Micro-Bubble" technology with the company's patented water absorbing carbon rods for ice and snow performance. Serrated block edges, dual N-shaped blocks, wave-shaped sipes and a unidirectional tread design add to the tire's traction capabilities.

The tire also is available in 14- through 17-inch, Q-rated sizes.

In addition to its other introductions, Yokohama has revamped its Geolander I/T line of light truck and SUV tires. The new Geolander I/T+ features a new silica compound "that maintains excellent snow traction while improving performance in wet and dry conditions," says the company.

The tire has a directional tread pattern and is severe snow-rated. It is available in popular 15- and 16-inch sizes.

Most sizes of the Geolander I/T+ line are T-rated.