Solideal Tire plant awarded ISO 14001 certification

Nov. 7, 2002

Solideal Tire has been awarded the presitgious ISO 14001 certification at its Midigama plant in Sri Lanka.

Midigama was established in 1998 and sits on approximately 12.5 acres. The plant, together with is 35.5-acre rubber plantation, is the region's major employer with 750 people.

Primary product lines include solid and pneumatic tires and rubber tracks manufactured with Solideal's 100% natural rubber compounds.

The plant's tire division earned ISO 9002 certification in 1999 followed by the track division in 2000.

For its latest certification, the company had to reorganize and modernize its Environmental Mangement System. Actions were taken in areas such as increasing efficiency in the utilization of resources (water, raw materials, rubber and electricity); minimizing evironmental impact; creating preventive safety measures, and training and staff awareness.

"Solideal has always believed it must represent value to its customer base. This belief applies not only to our products, but also to our entire operating system," says Barry Cox, Solidean North America director of operations.

"It is our prime concern to link productivity, customer satisfaction and respect for our planet.

"High intensity manufacturing can sometimes lead to side effects on the environment, and Solideal is aware of this threat and ensure that our manufacturing operations pose no threat to mankind or the environment," Cox says.

Solideal Tire operates six distribution centers and 33 branch store retail facilities across the U.S. with Midwest corporate headquarters in Lebanon, Ind., and East Coast headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.

It makes and distributes tires, wheels and rubber tracks for industrial and construction material handling and transport equipment.