New Pistol Grip Flaring Tool Works On or Off a Vehicle

Jan. 4, 2018

The new compact pistol grip flaring tool, PFT409, from S.U.R&R. is designed to produce professional-grade flares in seconds, on or off the vehicle.

S.U.R&R. says one person can create fluid line flares even while working in tight spaces on the vehicle. A hydraulic pistol grip handle delivers 6,000 psi of crimping pressure and requires little effort to squeeze.

A magnetic yoke holds the dies in place, helping the installer avoid dropping the dies or misaligning the tubing during set-up. The yoke is attached to a secure-grip handle, and the two pieces swivel together, providing control and positioning for on-vehicle flaring.

For off-vehicle flaring, remove the yoke handle and use the tool in a vice.