CEMB Unveils ER75TD HubMatch RFV Wheel Balancer

May 17, 2018

CEMB USA/BL Systems Inc.'s new wheel balancer is designed to complete the balancing process on the car at more than 45% less investment cost than other radial force vectoring (RFV) wheel balancers.

The company says the ER75TD HubMatch RFV wheel balancer offers leading state-of-the-art balancing features and then uniquely combines an on-the-car mounting finish balancing process that guarantees superior ride quality compared to off-car wheel balancing alone.

CEMB says HubMatch RFV uses an OEM best process recommended on-the-car mounting process to provide “game-changer” ride quality improvement and takes no extra time for the operator to perform.

CEMB USA is the Gainesville, Ga.-based subsidiary of Italian industrial balancing equipment manufacturer Costruzioni Ellettro Meccaniche Buzzi SpA.