Hunter Road Force Elite Checks Centering

Nov. 1, 2017

Hunter Engineering Co.’s Road Force Elite features Automatic CenteringCheck technology with new 4.0 software that reduces balancing errors by notifying the technician of improper centering. The result is improved balance quality, increased shop efficiency and customer retention, the company says.

Road Force Elite 4.0 software also features a Balancer Report Card with a specified inner error and outer error amount and a letter grade to optimize weight placement.  Presenting a “scorecard” to the technician after a balance has been completed enhances balancer performance. Hunter’s vision system completes a 3D scan of the wheel to determine the accuracy of wheel weight placement, which helps technicians learn on-the-job.

The vision system also enhances Hunter’s SmartWeight technology, making Road Force Elite accurate and efficient. The system also features automatic spoke detection, which guides technicians to place wheel weights behind the spokes.