Nexen gives Allen Tire an extreme makeover

April 24, 2012

Allen Tire & Auto Service recently updated its Harbison Ave. retail store in Philadelphia, Pa., with a Nexen-themed retail makeover. Allen Tire has two stores (and a wholesale warehouse) in Philadelphia, and does business in Cherry Hill, N.J., as Trio Tire & Auto Service.

Partner Craig Myers worked very closely with Nexen to create a buzz that has helped increase the Nexen brand awareness in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love. The makeover included the following:

* a bright purple, yellow and white color theme to a door wrap that makes it look like a car is always on a lift in the service bay (see photo);

*  a "going green" showroom concept with an eco-friendly recycled rubber floor.

"Our goal was to create a greener environment in and around the retail store. Working with our local ad agency, J.N. Advertising, and with the amazing support of Nexen, we were truly able to (change the landscape).”

"They have been very successful in building the Nexen brand in the diverse, blue collar Philadelphia neighborhoods,” adds Chris Tolbert, Nexen's regional sales director.

Allen/Trio Tire & Service has been in business since 1932 and a Nexen distributor since 2008. The business is run by partners Craig and Wes Myers, Brad Goldstein and Phil McConnon. For more information, visit the Alle/Trio Tire website at