Centralized friction: Honeywell updates system

May 11, 2012

In an effort to further increase the effectiveness of its catalog management system, Honeywell Friction Materials has upgraded to a new state-of-the-art system offered by Solenium Group.

The company says that in addition to managing the application data, the new system’s capabilities dramatically increase the product information available to customers and trading partners.

Solenium Group’s Talking Pictures software centrally manages all Bendix content and provides the means to distribute this information both in print and electronic media.

“With these enhanced capabilities, our catalog team is now able to more efficiently manage our data and easily generate industry standard-formatted files for all of our customers,” said Grif Jordan, product marketing manager at Honeywell Friction Materials. “Moving to Solenium’s enhanced system has already been beneficial to our customers, as they are able to obtain richer content faster.”

“Now that their data is in ACES and customer demands are easily satisfied, resources can focus on business issues and not on unnecessary data management tasks,” said Chris Nierintz, VP of Business Development for Solenium.

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