Find Bosch parts on your iPhone, iPad

May 21, 2012

A new, free app from Robert Bosch LLC enables anyone with an iPhone or iPad to find the correct Bosch part number for spark plugs, wiper blades, oxygen sensors, fuel pumps or battery chargers for virtually any vehicle operating in the United States and Canada.

“Easy to install and use, the Bosch Part Finder can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and works on any Apple iPhone or iPad. It offers both Browse and Search functions so users can find part information by entering vehicle year, make and model, or simply by entering the Bosch part number if they already know it,” said Otto Stefaner, project manager for Bosch.

The Browse results may return one or more part numbers per product line. In the case of spark plugs and wiper blades, if multiple part numbers are returned, they will be listed beginning with the top-of-the-line product.

The new app complements the comprehensive Vehicle Part Finder function on the website.