Contaminant-resistant ABS sensors from Airtex

June 18, 2012

Engineers at Airtex Vehicle Electronics says its engineers have addressed the leading cause of ABS wheel-speed sensor failure – environmental damage – in a new line of better-than-OE sensors.

Featuring heavy-duty insulation and other enhancements, the sensors are available for virtually any popular late-model domestic or foreign-nameplate application. Designed for direct replacement of OE ABS wheel-speed sensors, new Airtex sensors match the original parts’ mounting and connector designs and wire lengths to ensure fast, easy installation.

Unlike many OE and replacement sensors, however, Airtex units are equipped with heavier wire insulation and harness sheathing to prevent impact- and corrosion-related damage. Each sensor also features weather-pack connectors that lock out dirt, moisture, chemicals and other contaminants.

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