Snap-on introduces Software Bundle 8.4

Jan. 14, 2009

The new Software Bundle 8.4 from Snap-on Diagnostics includes 700 new functional tests and bi-directional controls for 1992–2008 vehicle models.

"Functional tests and bi-directional controls can be the most powerful tool a technician has for isolating problems with control modules, mechanical components and sensors, such as activating lights, windows or brake calipers," says Bill Bruno, Snap-on's vice president of marketing

Software Bundle 8.4 is designed to give automotive technicians "body control coverage" for the most popular vehicle makes, including new powerful functional tests for Nissan, Toyota and Lexus, as well as five new hybrid models.

The package also features new engine bi-directional controls for all 1994-2004 Ford cars and light trucks and new ABS brake bleed functions for 1992-2002 GM trucks, vans and SUVs.

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