US Motor Works Shares Water Pump Tips for Technicians

April 30, 2019

US Motor Works LLC is sharing its expertise in a new educational series designed for technicians. First up is "Success in Cooling" with the water pump.

The lesson includes a basic overview of a water pump, lessons on how to avoid common problems, plus best practies. There are large, clear photographs and a breakdown of all the components of a water pump.

It's available in an electronic format via download in the company's Pro Tech Center. Printed versions of the booklet can be requested through customer service.

The company says it is working to constantly push information and share its experience from decades in manufacturing and distribution with its customers, and ultimately, the technicians who install its products. US Motor Works has launched the series with the product tied to its roots — the water pump.

Future installments will cover even more detail, and focus on the fine line between failure and success.

“We want the market to know what we know, learn what we’ve learned, and try our best with the data and information we have to turn stories of failure into statements of success," the company says.