Tire Profiles' Drive-Over Reader Scans Tread Depth

Dec. 4, 2019

Tire Profiles LLC is promoting its TreadSpec drive-over tire reader device, which the company demonstrated during last month's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

TreadSpec scans hundreds of points across each tire and can diagnose tread depth within plus or minus 0.2 millimeters, according to Tire Profiles officials. After the scanning process finishes, the system provides a report that highlights the vehicle's tire wear and alignment diagnostics, which gives store personnel "an opportunity to discuss solutions and next steps with the vehicle owner."

"The key to increasing sales revenue is to capture 100% of the opportunity electronically," says Tire Profiles CEO David Boyle. "This ensures that dealers and shop managers don't miss any opportunities, which provide the volume you need. And doing it electronically allows you to take action based on the data."

TreadSpec requires no labor, "as software automatically captures data in one easy step."

The company also offers another option in the form of its hand-held GrooveGlove device, which applied TreadSpec technology in a mobile format.

"Customer education and transparency is a big part of what we offer to a service center or dealership," says Boyle. "We provide a faster, more accurate way to communicate tire wear and trade patterns to ensure the right replacement decisions are made to keep the car on the road and the consumer safe."