Cardone adds air suspension products

Feb. 25, 2015

Cardone Industries Inc. has released accelerator pedal sensors and air suspension springs, struts and compressors.

The pedal sensors and springs and struts are available now. The air suspension compressors will be available in April 2015. The company provided the following details about each of the new products.

Accelerator pedal sensors

* Eight SKUs for Ford, GM, Nissan.

* Aggressive SKU expansion throughout 2015.

* Stand-alone sensors available where possible to maximize inventory space and minimizing cost.

* 100% computer tested for linearity and correlation to ensure units are restored to O.E. performance.

* Installation hardware included.

Air suspension springs and struts

* 15 springs and nine strut SKUs covering the most failure prone applications.

* Extensive rubber and performance testing ensures units are strong enough to withstand harsh temperatures and road conditions.

* Endurance tested to last longer than 2 million cycles per international industry standards.

Air suspension compressors

* Five SKUs for Ford, Lincoln, Cadillac and Mercedes.

* Planned SKU expansion throughout 2015.

* Extensive performance testing on every unit, including inflation time, electrical current and solenoid operation, ensures reliable, consistent performance.

( Air dryers included at no extra cost for hassle-free installation. Many other suppliers sell them separately.

Detailed application information is available at the Cardone WebCat at