Lex Brodie's introduces new customer rewards

Feb. 27, 2015

Hawaii tire dealer and auto service retailer Lex Brodie’s Tire Co. has introduced a customer reward program with Lift & Shift Inc. The program employs a multi-currency format that allows customers to choose from a selection of popular reward currencies, including travel miles, gift card points or Lex Brodie’s own in-house reward currency, Caveman Points.

“We’d been looking for a reward program that would provide a good fit with our category and our company values”, says Scott Williams, executive director of Lex Brodie’s. ”We wanted a program that would work to reward our existing customers and get them to be even more loyal to us, but we’re always trying to attract new customers to our locations as well and Lift & Shift’s program format will help us to do both”.

Lift & Shift’s multi-currency reward program bundles together access to a number of popular consumer reward programs, enabling participating merchants to reward customers using a reward currency of the customer’s choosing. Because the Lift & Shift platform includes reward programs that have over 120 million members combined, participating merchants are also able to attract new customers to their locations from program members who are interested in adding more miles or points to their favorite program account balance.

Lift & Shift also creates and manages proprietary “in-house” currencies for its clients, such as Lex Brodie’s Caveman Points, which can be redeemed for free products and services at Lex Brodie’s locations.

 “The use of loyalty programs is at an all-time high”, says Graham Farrell, Lift & Shift's founder and president. “But auto service and tire retailers have typically been unable to benefit from custom programs as many consumers are unlikely to take part in a retailer-branded loyalty program in a venue they visit infrequently. Our multi-currency program changes that. Our clients can attract program members from the various programs we have available. When they are in market for tires and/or auto service, 75% of members are more likely to visit merchants who offer a reward currency they already collect. Program users spend about 40% more than non-users as they tend to focus category spending with a merchant offering their preferred currency."

For more information about Lex Brodie’s, visit www.lexbrodies.com, and for more information about Lex Brodie’s reward program, visit www.lexbrodiesrewards.com.

For more information about Lift & Shift, please visit www.lift-and-shift.com.