Gabriel offers ‘Shock Madness’ rebates

March 9, 2015

Ride Control LLC is offering consumers a 20% mail-in rebate (worth up to $125) on the purchase of four qualifying Gabriel branded ride control products in its “Shock Madness” spring sales event. The promotion runs March 1 to April 30, 2015. 

Consumers are eligible for a mail-in rebate when they purchase a combination of any four qualifying ReadyMount, Gabriel Ultra, MaxControl, or StrutMount products during the “Shock Madness”’ promotion.

“March and April are the perfect time of year for consumers to prepare their vehicles for summer driving, especially in cold climates where the effects of winter potholes and rough roads are extreme," says Janet Qian, director of marketing and strategic planning. “Gabriel’s ‘Shock Madness’ makes it easier for consumers to improve their ride and replace all four of their worn shocks and/or struts at once.”  

Ride Control says the quality of a vehicle’s ride control affects more than just the ride of the car. In emergency maneuvers, worn shocks can lengthen braking distances, and affect handling and stability; compromising the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Shocks and struts also have a direct relationship on the longevity of tires, steering and suspension components.

The company has created sales event kits for participating shops that include a poster and rebate pad. Call 1-800-251-5932 to receive a kit.

Details of the sales event, qualifying products, rules and rebate forms are available at