'We are tire dealers, not installers'

March 10, 2015

Just like the reaction to Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s plans to sell tires online has been mixed, the response to one dealer who wants others to stand up and say ‘No’ to the program is supportive, but it’s not unanimous.

Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich profiled Charley Gowland’s fight against Goodyear’s plan in a recent blog post. Gowland, owner of Chabill’s Tire Service LLC, a 14-store retail and commercial chain in Louisiana, publicly said ‘No’ to Goodyear’s offer for his business to become a “preferred installer” of tires sold to consumers on the manufacturer’s website, www.Goodyear.com.

One dealer responded to the story by noting the costs associated with attracting new customers. “Goodyear is offering to provide new customers for both tires and service to their dealer base at no charge. Retail businesses are about increased traffic. Goodyear is offering to provide increased traffic at no charge. I believe that is a good thing.”

Another dealer wrote, “What Goodyear has done is gone after the online tire suppliers, such as Tire Rack and others. Yes as a Goodyear dealer we need to fill our bays with customers any way we can. At least Goodyear will allow the dealers some delivery commission, but they need to raise the labor rate charged for installation. That charge should be based on aspect ratio and rim diameter.”

Several dealers lauded Gowland, including one who wrote, “We are tire dealers, not installers!”

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