A path the USW can't afford to take

April 2, 2015

Sometimes you don’t need a crystal ball. You just need good eyes to see what’s happening around you.

Editor Bob Ulrich is hoping United Steelworkers (USW) members have had their vision checked and that they’re paying attention to what their union brethren, the United Auto Workers (UAW), are doing. And he hopes they don’t do the same thing.

The UAW wants to get rid of its existing tier wage system, which previously helped U.S. vehicle manufacturers compete against non-union, foreign-owned manufacturers. Ulrich calls getting rid of that tier system “a step backward.”

And he doesn’t want U.S. tire manufacturers and the USW to make the same mistake.

“U.S. tire manufacturers also are working under a tier wage system that is fair and working. I hope the leaders of the United Steelworkers (USW) don’t follow the misguided path the UAW appears to be taking when it’s time for the next round of negotiations to begin.”

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