Rotary Lift makes it easier to compare products

April 13, 2015

To simplify the product selection process, Rotary Lift has condensed all two-post lifting information into one brochure and all drive-on information into another.

“Over the last year, Rotary Lift has introduced new four-post, two-post and alignment lifts, and has expanded its Shockwave-equipped line of timesaving lifts,” says David Fischmer, marketing director for Rotary Lift’s parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG).

"In order to simplify the lift selection process, we used this opportunity to condense all two-post lifting information into one brochure and all drive-on information into another. This makes it easier to compare models and options.”

Rotary Lift says its updated two-post and drive-on lift brochures provide a more comprehensive overview of each product line. The new brochures cover light-duty and heavy-duty lifts for each configuration and include guides to help customers find the right lifts and lifting accessories for their needs.

The lifts detailed in the updated two-post brochure range from the new space-saving ATO7 7,000-pound capacity lift to the heavy-duty SPO18 18,000- pound capacity lift, and include the best-selling SPOA10 10,000- pound capacity lift.

The drive-on brochure covers lifts with capacities ranging from 12,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds, including new Shockwave-equipped SM and AR Series light-duty four-post lifts, the patented Y-Lift and new heavy-duty HDC Series runway lifts. Full specifications, photos and applicable diagrams are included for each lift.

The back of each brochure features a new lift application guide. The guide shows which Rotary Lift models are suited for various vehicles based on weight, length and wheelbase. Customers can use the chart to identify the types of lifts that are appropriate for the vehicles they typically service.

In addition to vehicle lifts, the new brochures include photos and descriptions of productivity-building accessories offered by Rotary Lift. These include the patent-pending new LockLight device that shows at a glance whether a two-post lift is properly resting on its locks, and the new Wheel Wing tire hanger that simplifies tire, brake and suspension work. A chart showing all standard and optional features available for each lift is also included, according to the company.

The new two-post and drive-on lift brochures are available in print from Rotary Lift distributors.

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Rotary Lift is a brand of Vehicle Service Group, which is part of the Dover Corp.