Cardone’s release includes exclusive parts

June 30, 2015

Cardone Industries Inc. has released 22 A1 reman numbers and 24 select new part numbers.

The company says the release features some SKUs that are only available to the aftermarket through Cardone.

The new parts include:

* CV axle, 60-1559, for 2012-14 Chevrolet Impala 3.6L, 250,000 VIO (exclusive):

* CV axle, 60-4307, for 2011-13 Honda Odyssey, 240,000 VIO (exclusive);

* wiper motor, 85-152, for 1969-72 Chevrolet Corvette, exclusive to Cardone and an affordable OE alternative; and

* wiper motor, 85-3038, for 2007-15 Dodge/Jeep trucks, 1,765,480 VIO and an affordable OE alternative.

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