Schrader unveils single-SKU TPMS sensor

July 17, 2015

Schrader International Inc. has introduced a single-SKU, fully programmable, OE-replacement TPMS sensor that covers a vast majority of TPMS-fitted vehicles in North America.

With a programming speed of about 10 seconds, the new EZ-sensor boosts the speed and accuracy of TPMS service and repair.

Schrader says its new single SKU EZ-sensor reduces inventory investment and maximizes bay efficiency for its channel partners. This single SKU covers more than 100 million TPMS-equipped vehicles on the road and is designed to be infinitely scalable with additional coverage and without adding new SKUs.

The new EZ-sensor combines Schrader's 314.9, 315 and 433 MHz EZ-sensors (part numbers 33000 and 33200) into a single part number (33500). The company says that competitive “pre-programmed” sensors require as many as four to six SKUs, with additional SKUs needed to support new coverage. This results in increased inventory and lengthened search time for specific parts, according to Schrader.

EZ-sensor is qualified and tested to exacting OE specifications mechanically, electronically, and systematically, according to Schrader. The company says its ability to leverage OE know-how produces industry-leading solutions that will safely support TPMS in the aftermarket for years to come.

EZ-sensor will support evolving OE technologies, such as wireless auto-location, and new consumer-oriented features such as pressure-by-position displays, according to the company.

“Schrader remains the clear leader at the forefront of the global TPMS evolution,” says Frank Frederick, leader of the North American aftermarket business for TPMS.

“Groundbreaking capabilities like our new single SKU EZ-sensor are imperative to the continued rapid growth of TPMS. We’re excited to support our channel partners as they continue to accelerate their TPMS business with a solution that our competition can’t easily match.”

In 2010, Schrader launched the EZ-sensor, the automotive industry’s first patented and programmable TPMS replacement sensor. Since then, EZ-sensor has won multiple Frost & Sullivan awards for quality, reliability, price and value leadership, and has become a leading choice for service and repair professionals throughout the aftermarket industry.

With the global adoption of TPMS firmly under way, including legislation in place in Europe and Asian-Pacific countries following close behind, Schrader says the need for continued innovation and education is at an all-time high.

Based on a recent Schrader consumer driver survey, while 96% of drivers believed that proper tire pressure and an automatic warning was critical to their driving safety, only 58% of drivers could accurately identify the TPMS dashboard warning symbol when shown. Schrader remains a key fixture of this technology and educational movement, with more than 50% of global OEM vehicle platforms utilizing Schrader’s direct TPMS technology, along with thousands of repair facilities in the aftermarket.

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Schrader is a part of Sensata Technologies B.V., which is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. based in Alemelo, Netherlands.