New replacement handle for Ken-Tool wedge tool

June 1, 2011

Ken-Tool, a manufacturer of professional tire service tools and related products, has announced a new replacement handle for Ken-Tool’s T11E Duck-Billed Bead Breaking Wedge tool.

The T11E is a tire changing service tool for agricultural, heavy truck and off-the-highway tire service applications. Changes appear at each end of the 30-inch handle, made from U.S. grown premium hickory, well-known for its strength and toughness.

The new T11EHS replacement handle is offered with an orange colored safety non-slip coated handle area. This coating is waterproof and oil- and chemical-resistant, plus it is impregnated with coarse crumb material, adding to the non-slip properties. These features give the operator greater control of the wedge head.

The bright orange color adds to the tool’s visibility, making it ideal when used in roadside or off-the-highway tire service situations. The bright color helps assure the tool goes back into the service truck and is not left behind.

In addition to the new non-slip coating, the T11EHS replacement handle features the company’s new Sure-Tight bulb-style head that replaces the original tapered shank head. This shape provides a far more secure fit to the Bead Breaking Wedge’s head. Additionally, cross slots cut into the head end further assure a tight fit of the bulb-shaped area into the wedge’s head.

The standard Ken-Tool T11EH replacement handle now includes the Sure-Tight head, but does not have the orange non-slip handle. Also, the new T11EH handle is incorporated into the Ken-Tool T11E Duck-Billed Bead Breaking Wedge tool as a running line change.